These are some things that Jet Ski Baddeck offers to look after your safety and security while on the water:

Improved GeoFence Hardware- Our new geofence hardware system allows us to keep you away from dangerous hazards while on the water that may put your safety at risk. It will also notify our team if you accidentally flip the Sea-Doo so that we can get help to you immediately. 

Location Tracking- In addition to the geofence, we can also see the location of the Sea-Doo at all times so that if you need help on the water we will be able to get to you as fast as possible. 

Transport CanadaWe work very closely with Transport Canada to provide customers with the safest and most enjoyable experience imaginable! Before each rental, we go through a detailed checklist provided by Transport Canada so that you can learn how to safely use the jet skis, even if it is your first-ever time being on one!

Staff on Call- Our staff is always on standby so that if you need help with anything we can get out to you so that you can get back to enjoying your time on the water! 

Communication- All of our Sea Doo's are equipped with VHF radio which makes it easy for you to get in contact with our team at any point during your rental if you need to. 



These are some things you may want to know before coming to your booking at Jet Ski Baddeck:

  • You should come wearing the clothing that you are going to wear while out on the water so that once you arrive for your appointment we can get out on the water as swiftly as possible!

  • For your appointment at Jet Ski Baddeck, we provide life jackets, sunscreen, and waterproof phone cases if you do not have your own.

  • We do not recommend wearing any type of hat while on the water. Even a backward baseball hat, sometimes the wind will blow a weird way and it will fly off your head. :( 

  • When you arrive for your appointment, we will show you how to drive the Sea-Doos.