About Us

Our Story

Jet Ski Baddeck was started by the 19-year-old owner when he saw that there is a strong tourism industry in Baddeck during the summer. He saw that this type of service was not offered in Baddeck and it would be a good fit for the village and the tourists that visit Baddeck. Baddeck is a small village situated on Cape Breton Island, a very popular destination for tourists because of its breathtaking views of the Bras’ Dor lakes and rich history.



Why Choose Us

Jet Ski Baddeck is a local business striving to bring fun and enjoyment to all customers and create an exciting environment. We offer a one-of-a-kind water sports experience for tourists and surrounding community members to take in while visiting the beautiful village of Baddeck, NS. Jet Ski Baddeck is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers while out on the water. Your well-being is our priority.