Sea Doo Rentals

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See You In The Summer Of 2022!


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Requirements to rent from Jet Ski Baddeck:

*Must have a valid driver's license to operate a Sea-Doo. This is a Canadian Coast Guard Requirement.

*You must be 18 years of age to sign a waiver and operate a Sea-Doo.

*If you wish to come back and swap riders at the dock you must choose "Customer Switch" when making your booking. 

*Must have a valid credit or debit card. We do not take cash.

*Passengers must be at least 6 years old to ride on the back of a Sea-Doo.

*Maximum weight of two riders is 500lbs.  

If you have any questions regarding booking, please call at 902 322 3208

2 Hours

$ 180 + tax

$180- $1.50/min

1 hour

$ 105 + tax

$105 - $1.75/min

30 minutes

$ 60 + tax

$60- $2/min

Sea Doo Rentals

Rent our top of the line Seadoo Jet Skis and lead your own scenic tour through the eye-catching Baddeck Bay while riding through the waves. What you do with your time on our Sea Doo's is up to you!

Jet Ski Baddeck Land Acknowledgement

Jet Ski Baddeck acknowledges that we operate in the Village of Baddeck which resides in Mi’kma’ki, the historic and long-standing territory of the Wabenaki First nation people. The first settlers in Baddeck or ‘Abadak’ were members of Wabenaki First nations tribe who were attracted to the beauty of the land and the bountiful fishing and hunting resources. The word Abadak is said to mean “Place with Island near” (Kidston Island) or “Place at the backward turn” (2021).
Jet Ski Baddeck recognizes that the history of the Wabenaki First Nation people has not been acknowledged consistently, been often ignored and that the Village of Baddeck is in fact located in Mi’kma’ki. Jet Ski Baddeck ensures that the true history of the land that we graciously operate upon is known and not forgotten by our business.